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I make some really cool things (or so i say) on the web. Here is some of those projects created over the past years of my career.

Single Sign On

The Single Sign On is the authentication service that allows you to use one account across all of the Visuals By Impulse services. Such as: the marketplace, super widget maker, and the transition maker tool.

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Preview image of Visuals by Impulse Single Sign On

Social Media Webapp

This social media webapp is a full-stack application that takes after Twitter. It is built Prisma, ExpressJS, and Typescript on the back-end. The frontend is built with NuxtJS. Authentication is held together with JSON web tokens stored in cookies.

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Homepage preview of open source social media app


Ducky3D is an online educator teaching people about 3D art. He creates blender courses, and sells many digital resources. Ducky3D wanted to create a website to host his products, and showcase previous art. The website is built with NuxtJS and Prismic to create a fast, statically generated website.

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